Chapter 1259

Claire and Magnolia were both a little nervous as they wondered whether they should go in at this time. Both of them knew very well that this brand of wedding dresses was very expensive. Moreover, it was by no means affordable for ordinary people. It would already cost them about tens of thousands of dollars to rent a high-end custom wedding dress at any general bridal shop. These wedding dresses were designed by Vera Wang and it would cost them at least six figures to rent any one of their wedding dresses for a day. If they were to buy one of these wedding dresses, then it would be even more expensive and it would cost at least several million dollars! Magnolia felt that she was not worthy of such an expensive wedding dress. Even if she were to just touch the wedding dress, she was afraid that she would not be able to afford to repay the other party for the wedding dress if she damaged it. So, how could she possibly dare to attend her wedding in such an expensive wedding dress?

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