Chapter 1258

Since Claire was so good to her, Magnolia felt that Claire would definitely not harm her in any way. Charlie drove the car directly to Jasmine’s bridal shop. Even Claire was a little surprised when he stopped the car. She had just asked him to look for a friend so they could borrow a better wedding dress from them. However, she really did not expect him to be able to borrow a wedding dress here! This was the store owned by the world’s top wedding dress designer, Vera Wang! Even Claire did not dare to expect to have the opportunity to wear such a top and luxurious wedding dress. Moreover, she really did not expect her husband to be so resourceful even in this area. Could it be that the bridal shop also requested for Charlie’s help to look at their Feng Shui? As she was deep in thoughts, Charlie had already pushed his car door open as he got out of the car. At this time, a tall, charming and noble woman walked out of the bridal shop. Claire realized that she knew who this woman

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