Chapter 1249

As soon as he heard this, Charlie asked Claire curiously, “What? She’s getting married today and she only informed you about it?” “Yes…” Claire replied. “She wants me to come and help her out. Otherwise, she really wouldn’t be able to handle everything on her own. I was originally planning to ask her to look for a few old classmates to help her prepare for her wedding. It would be great if they could come just to cheer her up too but she’s not willing to do that.” Charlie replied helplessly, “I guess she doesn’t want to lose face in front of too many of her old classmates. So, it’s actually understandable.” Claire nodded slightly before she said, “I have never seen her being so pitiful before. It is her most important wedding day but her own natal family and her in-laws are both giving her trouble…” As she spoke, Claire could only sigh as she said, “Charlie, in fact, I think I was really fortunate to marry you. If I was really forced by my family to marry a rich heir from a wealthy

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