Chapter 1248

Claire’s high school classmate was getting married the next day. The couple drove a super sports car each as they set off at dawn from the villa at Thompson First to Wylland Park, which was a suburb in Aurous Hill. Wylland Park was about sixty kilometers away from the city center. Although it was a little far away, fortunately, there was a direct highway leading from the city center directly to Wylland Park. Claire’s high school classmate lived in the outskirts of Wylland Park. When they had both followed the directions on the navigation system to the community where the other party lived at, they discovered that it turned out to be an old community that was probably at least twenty to thirty years old. All the houses in this community were no more than six floors high and the houses were all built very densely together. The green paint on the outside of the houses was all already mottled, revealing the color of the cement. The entrance of the community was also very narrow. In ad

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