Chapter 1239

Lady Wilson had always despised Charlie and his family. When she had begged them to return to the family, they refused to the very end. Now that she had obtained a huge investment from the Webb family, she didn’t need to take them seriously at all. Besides, she felt that Charlie and the family were simply appearing strong outwardly while they were actually weak inwardly. Although they lived in the luxurious Thompson First villa, that was all they had. Charlie and Jacob had no jobs and no income, simply lingering around the house all day. Claire owned an office, but the scale of her business was very small and the revenue generated from her own business seemed scarce at the moment. Hence, Lady Wilson was convinced that despite them living in the Thompson First villa, it was because they were barely able to afford to live in it, but realistically speaking, they were not as rich as she currently was. Previously, when she needed their support and begged them to return to the family,

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