Chapter 1238

Claire said a little anxiously, “I’m afraid that I’m not good at driving these cars. Their engines are extremely powerful, so I fear I’ll lose control and subsequently cause an accident. It would be troublesome if I scratch their cars.” Charlie said with a gentle smile, “Don’t worry, dear. Don’t put too much burden on yourself, just think of them as our own cars.” Claire uttered, “You’d better teach me how to drive these cars, which button does what, and so on.” Charlie nodded. “Alright, come, I’ll teach you how to drive this Bugatti.” At this moment, a brand new Bentley Continental cruised into the Thompson First villa complex. The one behind the wheel was Harold, who was dressed in a smart suit that didn’t match his grisly face. Sitting in the front passenger seat was his father, Christopher. In the back row sat Lady Wilson and Wendy. Recently, the money that the Webb family had promised them had been transferred into the Wilson family’s account. They had used the money to re

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