Chapter 1229

At this moment, late at night at the Eastcliff International Airport, the private jet that Dylan Koch was in landed at the airport. Throughout the flight, Dylan was on edge after swallowing the ruby necklace. He was afraid that the necklace would cause intestinal obstruction in his digestive system and that he would be in grave danger. Luckily, he landed safely in Eastcliff. As soon as the plane landed, it immediately taxied down the runway to the hangar where an ambulance was already waiting. The Koch family was very powerful and wealthy in Eastcliff with a net worth of at least five hundred billion dollars. Not only did they have their own team of medical doctors and specialists but they also had their own private hospital. The ambulance that had come to pick him up at the airport was from the Koch family’s hospital. On the ambulance were the vice president of the hospital and a number of gastroenterologists. These experts were particularly nervous when they heard that Dylan h

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