Chapter 1228

Moreover, they were at their wits’ end after Lord Moore had totally recovered from his terminal illness and was now as healthy as a middle-aged man. This meant that he would live for another ten to twenty years. Jasmine might be green and inexperienced now, but with the dedication and hope Lord Moore placed on her, as well as his protection and security, it was no doubt that Jasmine would be able to establish herself as the reliable head of the family in a few years’ time. By that time, it would be very difficult to overthrow her. It was a well-known fact from history that whenever the noble dynasties were vying to claim the throne, the best time for an insurgency was when the new emperor was on the throne with a weak foundation of power. For example, Zhu Di of the Ming Dynasty rose to rebellion against his nephew, the Jianwen Emperor, who had recently ascended the throne, and successfully overthrew the newly-elected emperor. However, their current problem was that Jasmine was not

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