Chapter 1221

As Charlie recalled how he had met Jasmine, he also felt that it was quite a wonderfully bizarre experience. That time, if he hadn’t gone to Vintage Deluxe with his father-in-law, he would not have had the chance to obtain the . Without the book, at most, he would have just been Mr. Wade instead of Master Wade. In comparison, he still preferred the title of Master Wade of which he had traded his strength and ability. As for Mr. Wade, it was nothing but an address to his last name. Behind the title of Mr. Wade, it didn’t carry a tinge of his own ability, but the family instead. Therefore, he felt that it had all happened for a reason, and it was destined to go this way. He was destined to know Jasmine, and he was also destined to obtain the . He turned to Jasmine and said earnestly, “Frankly, when a person meets another person, it is a fateful meeting. Perhaps, many things are already destined to happen without us knowing it.” Jasmine blushed t

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