Chapter 1220

Charlie nodded and said, “Okay, but the staircase is quite steep, so be careful when you go down.” Jasmine shyly stretched out her tender hand to Charlie and said softly, “Master Wade, can you hold my hand, please? I’m afraid that I will fall…” Frankly, she wasn’t afraid of falling. Instead, she wanted to take this opportunity to get closer to Charlie. Charlie took a glimpse at the stone staircase. It was indeed quite long and steep as it extended to the riverbank. Jasmine was a girl, and she was wearing a tight-fitting dress that limited her movements. It would be awful if she slipped and fell, so he took her delicate hand and led her carefully down the stone steps. At this moment, there were only the two of them at the riverbank. Occasionally, a few ships with lights on it passed by the river, the sound of the rumbling diesel engines was very loud and noisy, but it didn’t create any noise pollution in the empty riverbank. Charlie let go of Jasmine’s hand when they arrived on the

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