Chapter 1200

Even Travis, who was sitting at the same table, was shocked and speechless! He was the richest man in Lancaster, and he was not any worse off compared to the Moore family in terms of their net worth. Moreover, he had already reached old age this year, and he could obviously feel that his body and physical health was much worse compared to before. This was irreversible no matter how much money was spent. So, Travis also dreamed to have the opportunity to take a Rejuvenating Pill too. He would not regret it even if he had to give up one-tenth of his assets in exchange for a Rejuvenating Pill. This was because he knew that other than the Rejuvenating Pill, there was no way he would be able to gain back twenty years of his youth even if he was willing to spend several billion dollars for it. The Macau gambling tycoon, Stanley Ho, was very rich. He was extremely wealthy and powerful, but even if he had all that money, he had no way to buy back his youth when he was already over ninety

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