Chapter 1199

At this time, most of the people present were feeling a little worried for Charlie. Although everyone knew that Charlie was very capable and had a lot of accomplishments in the metaphysics field, they really did not believe that Charlie would be able to compete with Dylan when it came to money. The strength of the Koch family was indeed even much stronger compared to that of any big families in the South Region. Based on the assets owned by the Koch family, Dylan was really very strong and powerful. This was because no one in Aurous Hill could possibly defeat Dylan. In fact, no one in the whole South Region might be able to compare to him at all. Moreover, the twenty million US dollars ruby necklace could already be considered the best amongst all other ruby necklaces. Even a diamond that was the size of an egg might not even be worth that much. Thus, everyone could not help but wonder what could possibly be in the small gift box that Charlie had given to Jasmine that made him

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