Chapter 1168

However, Hannah was backed by Donald. He didn’t dare to disobey Donald, so he couldn’t divorce her even after she cheated on him. It could be described as the most tragic thing that could happen to a man if he couldn’t divorce his wife after he caught her cheating. Truth be told, he felt the disaster hitting him first-hand! Now, Elaine’s remark was an insult added directly to his injury. He felt as if he had been slapped a thousand times on his face. Lady Wilson was extremely agitated by her remark too. She had been a proud and arrogant woman all her life, so she couldn’t accept that the Wilson family’s reputation was being tarnished or ruined. Although a scandal erupted in their social circle when Wendy and Kenneth were a thing, Lady Wilson couldn’t help it as she got the short end of the stick. Besides, it wasn’t uncommon for young girls to be with rich men, so the jokes and gossip didn’t stick too long. Hannah was different though. Her problem had completely tarnished the Wilso

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