Chapter 1167

Lady Wilson was a little fuzzy. She didn’t understand why the first thing her son did after waking up was to confront Elaine, so she hurriedly asked, “Christopher, what’s your business with Elaine?” Christopher growled angrily, “That b*tch Elaine has hung dozens of green hats on her balcony! Tell me, she did it intentionally, didn’t she?!” Lady Wilson gawked in shock and blurted out, “What? Are you serious?” Christopher gritted his teeth in dismay. “Follow me and you’ll see.” Both of them went out of the door immediately. Sure enough, as soon as Lady Wilson went out, she saw twenty green hats fluttering in the wind on the balcony of Elaine’s room. She blew a fuse upon seeing it and screamed blue murder, “Elaine! That b*tch! She must have watched the hospital video and is deliberately mocking us!” Christopher nodded indignantly and said, “Yes, Mom, that’s why I can’t let her off the hook! D*mn it, she’s such a bully!” Lady Wilson and Christopher stomped to Charlie’s gate in grea

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