Chapter 1153

Emiliano was so stunned watching Hades’s instant defeat that he froze as if he had been struck by lightning! Although he was a little stronger than Hades in terms of martial arts skills, his fists were very much inferior to Hades’s Iron Fists. After all, Hades spent decades focusing solely on enhancing and improving the strength of his Iron Fists to the point that there was no opponent in the world whose punches were on par with his, but who would have thought that a young man in his twenties would shatter his fist and arm with a single punch… It was an extremely and devastatingly powerful strength they had never witnessed before! Emiliano was mortified! It seemed that this kid by the name of Charlie was truly no ordinary person! Today, the eight of them would have to face an intense battle! Meanwhile, Isaac and the rest were equally startled! None of them had ever thought that Charlie would actually be so powerful! It was beyond imaginable! The enemy Charlie was facing was a

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