Chapter 1152

As he ended his sentence, his legs moved as swiftly as the wind. On the spur of the moment, he was already closing in onto Charlie. His fist, which was bigger than a bowl, was already raised in front of him! With years of intense training and a lifetime of cultivation, all his blood and sweat was used to pave the way for his supreme pair of fists. With a single punch, he could destroy rocks which were a few meters thick. Not just any normal human being could take his punches and live to tell the tale. As for Charlie, he had already seen through his fighting style with a single glance. It was nothing but fist throwing. Although his fist was hardened, it was still just recklessly throwing punches. Compared to Charlie, he was nothing but a gecko on a tree. Therefore, he just stood there and didn’t even bother dodging nor avoiding the fists. He was just taking the Iron Fist head on with a despicable smile on his face. Hades Li was baffled by his absurdity. To look down upon him so muc

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