Chapter 1138

If her brother had not been killed, he would have personally smashed her brother into pieces! However, it was meaningless for him to have any regrets. Otherwise, the Webb family would not have ended up in this state today. Lord Webb looked up at Donald as he asked him coldly, “Where’s that woman with the last name Bishop now?” Donald hurriedly replied, “Dad, Alice has been locking herself up in the room during this period of time. She has been weeping her life away.” “Weeping her life away?” Lord Webb gritted his teeth as he said, “Aren’t you going to drive this sort of woman out of this house? What is the point of keeping her around? Do you want to wait for the entire Webb family to be completely defeated before you finally come to your senses?” Donald was stunned and he hurriedly explained, “Dad, you can’t blame Alice for this incident. This is all her brother’s own personal affairs and doings! She is a victim just like me.” Slap! No one would have expected the weak and fragil

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