Chapter 1137

Lord Webb was also an unparalleled hero in the past. Everyone knew about him and everyone knew who he was when anyone mentioned his name in the South Region. He was a very intelligent person in his younger days and he started from scratch as he built everything up from nothing. He was able to build the Webb family up to be the top and most influential family in the South Region, proving that he really had extraordinary skills and abilities. However, he could not fight against old age and time. After Lord Webb retired and passed his family business on to the second generation because of his illness, the Webb family began to go downhill. In fact, no one would have expected the entire Webb family to suffer so much losses so quickly during this period of time. This made Lord Webb suffer continuous torment. It all started when his second grandson, who was a completely normal young man and an especially privileged person, suddenly contracted a strange disease that was incurable. After

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