Chapter 1134

Jordan nodded his head and he could not help but sigh as he said, “It would be great if we could get two catties of wine. We can soak the ginseng in wine and enjoy a sip of the wine when we are feeling cold when we are up on the mountain. That would simply be amazing!” Jeffrey replied, “The widow, Leanne, seems to know how to make wine. I’ll chat with her and bring it up when I have the chance to do so someday. Perhaps she has some wine hidden at home.” The father and son continued walking as they chatted among themselves as they walked through the cold wind. They finally arrived at the entrance of the village after more than half an hour. Both of them did not immediately return to their dilapidated house. Instead, they headed to the hunter Mr. Lange’s house in the village in the dark. Although the people living in the village at the foot of Mount Golmin were all very poor, they were not missing anything at all. In the past, people from the village would often head into the mounta

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