Chapter 1133

The father and son from the Weaver family were both dreaming of turning their lives around. Suddenly, a violent cold wind suddenly blew swiftly across Mount Golmin, making them shiver from the cold. Jordan sighed as he said, “The wind at this place is really too harsh. A gust of wind makes my whole body tremble and shiver from the cold. Let’s leave now.” “Okay!” Jeffrey had also felt the cold air that pierced his bones. He quickly shrank his neck as he stood up and patted the snow off his butt. After that, he stretched out his hand to help him father up. In fact, during this period of time when the father and son had to live together on Mount Golmin, their relationship had really improved a lot. In the past, although Jordan had always preferred his eldest son, he was a very selfish person and it was very difficult for him to really treat another person well. Therefore, he treated Jeffrey in just a very ordinary manner even though it was better than how he had treated Liam. Jeffre

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