Chapter 1091

Charlie did not take the Wilson family too seriously. After all, these people were nothing more than clowns to him. Moreover, he was certain that this group of people would not dare to cause trouble with him. Also, Hannah hated Elaine to the core. Therefore, Charlie predicted that the Wilson family would probably be focusing all of their attacks on his mother-in-law in the future. This was actually a good thing. The wicked should have their own troubles. Therefore, Charlie’s thoughts were all focused on building a vegetable garden for his wife. Zeke was already fully active at this time, and he was going around every vegetable planting base just to buy some good vegetables and fruits. In one afternoon, he had already collected many healthy and green organic plants. Charlie wanted his wife to be able to see the vegetable garden in the courtyard below when she got up in the morning tomorrow. Therefore, he decided to ask Zeke to lead a group of people over here with many fruit and

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