Chapter 1090

Elaine ground her teeth and said, “Charlie, why don’t you look for an opportunity to beat up their entire family severely instead? It would be best if you could break all of their legs so that the five of them could just spend their days sitting in a wheelchair inside the villa every day?” Charlie asked her, “If they decide to report me, I will definitely end up in prison. I do not mind at all. However, if I am locked up in prison, what are you going to do if they come here to try and beat you up?” Elaine was shocked when she heard this. She had to admit that what Charlie said made perfect sense. The Wilson family had a larger number of people compared to them. If Charlie was around, they probably would not dare to come and provoke them. However, if Charlie was not around, who would be able to protect her then? Jacob? That old b*stard was going to divorce her. So, he would probably be bullying her himself. Besides, he had always been a useless and pathetic person. His legs would

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