Chapter 1085

At this time, Elaine had just finished lunch and was directing and ordering Charlie around. He was carrying an iron bucket and a shovel as he dug into the soil in the green lane of the villa area. Over the past two days, Elaine had had nothing better to do. She could not go out to play because of her broken leg, and she was extremely bored at home. She had scrolled through her circle of friends and realized that she had a female friend whom she did not have many dealings with in the past who had also bought a villa in the suburbs. Moreover, she even planted a lot of fruits and vegetables in the yard of her villa. When she shared those photos of the fruits and vegetables that she had planted in her circle of friends, many people had given her a thumbs up, saying that she was very smart and understood life. Elaine had been very jealous. On a whim, she had also stated that she wanted to grow vegetables and fruits in the yard of their villa. However, she had broken her leg and would no

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