Chapter 1084

Christopher frowned as he said, “Are we going to let the ones with the last name Parker and Wade off so easily?” Hannah replied, “I can create trouble for them in other ways. Besides, the Webb family is already prepared to deal with them behind the scenes. Therefore, I will definitely be able to avenge myself. No matter what it is, we should not mention or bring up this matter again.” In fact, Hannah was a little worried in her heart. If the coal mine was mentioned, and if her past with the supervisor of the coal mine was exposed, how was she going to maintain a foothold in the Wilson family? Christopher felt that what Hannah said made sense. Therefore, he nodded gently before he said, “Okay then, everyone should understand and pretend not to know about this matter in the future.” *** The next day, the Wilson family of five returned to Aurous Hill in a car arranged by the Webb family. On the way back, the Webb family did not arrange for a private jet to send them back. They did n

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