Chapter 106

Charlie replied coldly before he turned around to leave. When Mr. Quinton saw that the other party was about to leave, he thought that Charlie wanted to escape. Therefore, he yelled immediately, “Stop him! Who gave him the courage to do this? There must be someone backing this kid up!” “I can’t afford to offend you?! Hahaha! There is no one in the whole of Aurous Hill whom I cannot afford to offend!” “Tie him up and break his legs! I want to know who actually has the audacity to provoke the Quinton family!” In fact, Mr. Quinton believed that Charlie was someone that his business rival had purposely sent to provoke him. Otherwise, how else would he know about the car accident that he was in at the start of the year? The bodyguards acted immediately, and they rushed toward Charlie without any hesitation at all. Two other bodyguards walked toward Jacob and reached out their hands before they grabbed him fiercely. Jacob was frightened out of his wits as he had not expected them to g

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