Chapter 105

When Charlie saw how arrogant Mr. Quinton was, he sneered as he shook his head in disdain. “You can’t even tell the difference between a gourd and a jade plug? Haven’t you heard of the nine orifices or the jade plugs that were used on corpses?” “What do you mean by jade plugs and corpses?” Mr. Quinton asked with a confused expression on his face. Charlie sighed. “A child cannot be taught!” After that, he shook his head before saying, “You don’t even know this? Have you heard of the ‘Nine Aperture Jade’?” “What ‘Nine Aperture Jade’?” Mr. Quinton asked as he stared at Charlie with a blank expression on his face. Even though Mr. Quinton really enjoyed purchasing antiques, he had never spent any time studying any of his antiques at all. He would always buy whatever anyone said was good before going out to brag about his antique pieces. “Idiot!” Charlie sneered before he continued speaking. “The ‘Nine Aperture Jade’ consists of nine jade plugs that were used by people to plug the nine

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