Chapter 1051

At this time, Joey felt as though the whole world was collapsing in front of him. He could not believe that Max was already dead. However, the picture of Max falling into the river in the video was extremely clear. He knew that Max was really dead. The biggest question right now was, who he was going to take the six hundred and twenty thousand dollars from? If he could not get his money, then he would be finished. He would be completely done for. This was because the five hundred thousand dollars that he borrowed from the usury would continue accumulating interest and this would finally amount to an astronomical figure. He would be heading to his own doom then. Therefore, he immediately dialed 110 to call the police. After the call was connected, he said in a panic, “Police officer, I have been deceived! Someone cheated me out of six hundred and twenty thousand dollars but he is dead now. What should I do?” The police officer replied, “If the person concerned is already dead, the

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