Chapter 1050

As she spoke, Mrs. Lewis asked in a low voice, “Charlie, were you the one who took the video posted on the Internet? Were you the one who found the children?” Charlie smiled as he said, “Mrs. Lewis, you think too highly of me. How can I possibly have such great strength and ability?” Mrs. Lewis was silent for a moment before she sighed and said, “I watched the video and it seems as though Max is already dead…I really did not expect this child to take this path…” Charlie also sighed as he said, “I also watched the video. Max had taken the wrong path himself so you shouldn’t be too said either, Mrs. Lewis.” “I know…” Mrs. Lewis replied in a melancholic manner, “I thought that I would definitely pass away before all of you children. I was still thinking that all of you will be there at my memorial service to give me flowers when I’m old and have already passed away…” As she spoke about this, Mrs. Lewis sobbed softly, “I really didn’t expect one of the children to die before me first.

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