Chapter 1046

One of the men dressed in black approached him in a few steps before he held a pistol against his forehead as he asked in a cold voice, “Are you ‘Know One’s Place and Abide by the Law’?” The leader of the shills was so scared that he hurriedly said, “I’m not! I’m not! I don’t understand what you are talking about. Who are you guys?” The man in black replied coldly, “You will find out who we are soon. Come with us!” The leader of the shills hurriedly shouted, “Come with you! Why did you break into my house? If you refuse to leave, I’ll call the police!” Two men in black stepped forward directly. One of them grabbed his two arms and twisted it back before the other man broke his arms directly. The leader of the shills screamed out in pain but the other party did not intend to spare him. He aimed directly downwards at a forty-five degree angle before he kicked both of his knees directly with the sole of his feet and broke his knees immediately. The leader of the shills almost fainte

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