Chapter 1045

The shill named ‘Know One’s Place and Abide by the Law’ was nothing but a shameless and ordinary person. Although he had some ability to call out the shills, he was a transparent person in front of a real top hacker. After the hacker hacked into his computer, he had immediately obtained and investigated every detail of his personal information. First of all, this person was from Hovemar Province and his home was located in Liebatral. Secondly, this person had indeed received twenty million dollars cash that had just been remitted to him by the Webb family. Again, this man had stupidly used his own bank card to collect the money. The hacker also found out the chat history between this shill and the Webb family. In the chat history, Sean had asked him if he would be able to help to whitewash the Webb family. The shill immediately replied that he had ten thousand ways to help the Webb family to whitewash themselves. Moreover, he had also stated that he had already done this more th

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