Chapter 1039

After Max died, Charlie suddenly felt a little sorrowful. He was not sad because he sympathized with Max. Instead, he felt that it was indeed very upsetting for a person to turn out to become the kind of person that he hated and despised the most. Max was in the prime of his youth. If he had not gone astray, he would have had the opportunity to change his own destiny. Perhaps in a few years’ time, he would have had the opportunity to marry a fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful girl, become a CEO, and reach the pinnacle of his life. However, life was like this. Some people could still get up after getting stuck in a pit but some people would never be able to get out of it after getting stuck in a pit. As he looked at the surging river, Charlie was a little upset for a moment before he said to Isaac, “Okay. Help me take the children back and bring them to the hospital for an examination to see if there is anything wrong with them. After that, you can notify someone from the orphanage

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