Chapter 1038

The most painful thing in this world is to realize that it would be completely impossible for a person to catch up with their enemies even if they had several lifetimes. At this moment, Max was completely ashamed of himself! He looked at Charlie with tears in his eyes as he choked and said, “Charlie, I accept it. I really admit defeat. You can kill me. I am already sick and tired of this world and myself…Please set me free…” Charlie nodded before he looked at Max and said seriously, “Max, your crime is the lightest amongst all of the people who are going to die today. However, everyone who is going to die today had already committed a capital crime, including you. Therefore, I hope that you can be reincarnated and have a good next life!” Max smiled miserably before he said, “In my next life…after hearing your story, I suddenly have a feeling that someone like me was born with a tough life. Even if I were to be reincarnated and even if I had a next life, I might probably still be an

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