Chapter 1019

In Max’s opinion, he would not be surprised no matter who stepped down from the helicopter, but Charlie was totally unexpected that he could only stare in disbelief. However, he was absolutely certain that the tall, handsome man with a cold face was indeed Charlie Wade, the man he grew up with in the orphanage! It was beyond his imagination as to how and why Charlie was so capable to mobilize such a powerful force to pursue them! The helicopters, the former special forces members, and the weapons they carried were definitely not something ordinary people could own, not even the richest man in Aurous Hill! He couldn’t help asking himself, ‘Who the hell is Charlie Wade?’ ‘Isn’t he an orphan? He is a moocher who lives off his wife! How can he own such a powerful force?’ At this moment, Charlie stood in front of the six adults. Instead of looking at the other five people, he glared coldly at Max and exclaimed, “Max Wyatt! How dare you!” Max trembled in horror and cried, “Charlie, it

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