Chapter 1018

Gibson’s family shrieked at the top of their lungs upon the horrifying sight! They didn’t expect that the person would literally command his shooter to shoot immediately after three seconds! The victim, who was the eldest son of the Little family, was also the son Gibson’s parents adored the most. As blood trickled down his temple, the parents went berserk and cried devastatingly. Since Gibson was sitting right next to his brother, reddish blood and whitish mushy brain matter was splattered on his face and body. He was also so shocked by the absurd scene that his heart almost jumped out of his ribcage. When he started the trafficking business, he had never thought that it would be so deadly! Charlie’s cold voice sounded again from the helicopter’s PA system. “I’ll give you three more seconds. If you still refuse to get out of the van and surrender, I’ll let the snipers kill the second person randomly!” Losing the courage to resist, all six of them ran out of the van in a hurry.

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