Chapter 1004

Claire said, “Please do not end the call yet. Please rate my service after the beep, press one for very satisfied, press two for satisfied, press three for not satisfied.” Charlie wailed, “One! Very satisfied!” Claire smiled gleefully and said, “Dear, thank you for your rating. This is the end of our conversation, see you again next time.” *** That night, Charlie was tossing and turning, unable to sleep well. Although he had only been upgraded a level, this was the first time he had shared a bed with Claire since their wedding. Despite that, they were actually sleeping within the respective boundary. They used their own pillows and tugged in their own blankets. Of course, Charlie didn’t dare to cross the 38th parallel north between them. Otherwise, he would be extremely devastated if he was demoted one level in an instant! On the other hand, Claire couldn’t fall asleep too. She was very nervous and in jitters. Her heart was thumping so violently it almost jumped out of her rib

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