Chapter 1003

Charlie’s heart was thumping violently after asking the question. He didn’t know what Claire’s reply would be. At this moment, he suddenly felt an object hit his face, and he felt the soft texture of the object in the next second. It was the little teddy bear that Claire usually hugged to sleep. Then, Claire’s whiny voice resonated into his ears, “Hey, you’re so greedy. Usually, when playing mobile games, the further you progress, the more difficult the missions are. How can it be so easy?” Charlie pouted and said, “Dear, games nowadays can progress very quickly and easily. You can upgrade to Level 80 with a single slash!” Claire cleared her throat and imitated the computerized voice of the online platform’s customer service, “I’m sorry, dear, this kind of upgrade is not available in our system. May I suggest that you consider trying other games?” Charlie said frantically, “Oh no no, I don’t want to try other games. May I know if there is a shortcut for me to upgrade to the next l

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