Killian's pov It had been days since I saw Edna, touched her and felt how much she felt for me and I missed her so much. I was running errands for one of the members of the elders council of the blood moon pack so I barely had the time to communicate with her these past few days. Once I got the chance and I wasn't occupied, I took the opportunity and quickly took my phone out of my pocket to send a message to her, I asked how she was and I told her how much I missed her and wished I could spend more time with her, I went on to assure her that with time I was going to be done with my mission at the blood moon pack and we would be together all the time then I ended the text by telling her I looked forward to the next time we'd meet. I was really excited when Asher asked me to come to the Royal pack for reasons unknown to me days ago because I knew I would have the chance to see Edna and speak to her after such a long time since she left the pack after Asher saved her and Maya when they

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