Asher's POV One of the favourite times of every female were wolf was here! The heat period! Oh, who was I kidding? Ever since Maya had come to stay with us, I rarely went to the pack company to work, but instead, now I worked and gave directions to my workers from home, because I could not bear to leave Maya for too long, and I knew that I could not take her to the office with me as she would probably get bored, or most likely, get stressed out. I did not want that to happen to the love of my life, now did I? With a groan, I placed my head on the table. Even trying to keep myself at bay with thoughts of other innocent things, I could not help the smell that broke through my door and enveloped my office in. The most tantalising scent to any were wolf, to any male were wolf, and especially if it had to be an alpha was the smell of the arousal of his mate, especially during the heat period. The needs of our mates came before anything, even before food. I was in here because I knew t

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