Chapter 97

Xian's car stopped at the entrance of the community. The window was rolled down. Xian gave Sally a hint, "sit in the back seat." "Okay." Confused, Sally opened the back door and saw a person sitting inside. The dim yellow light blurred the edges of Sage, making him feel warm. The collar of the black windbreaker was erected, covering half of his face. His shining black eyes were particularly conspicuous in the darkness. Sally was stunned and a little moved. But when she thought of Amelie's situation at the moment, she put aside all her distractions and quickly got in the car. "I'm so sorry that you two can't sleep well. Come out with me in the middle of the night." "It's okay. We didn't fall asleep." As soon as Xian finished his words, he covered his mouth and yawned. He smiled awkwardly and smartly changed the topic. "But when did you have a sister?" Her family affairs were too complicated to explain clearly in one thirty. She could only explain the situation in a few words, "

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