Chapter 96

There was a big difference in taste between Hamelin and Beijing. Amelie didn't like Hamelin dishes. She ordered a big table at noon. She ate almost one or two bites of each dish and put down her chopsticks. At last, most of the dishes were eaten by Sally. Amelie frowned and said, "I don't want to eat." "Then what do you want to do?" Sally glanced at the printed travel strategy. It seemed that the schedule of the next day could not be advanced to tonight. Suddenly, Amelie rolled down the window and pointed at a sign outside. She asked excitedly but carefully, "how about... Sister, you take me to the bar?" Sally turned around and saw the words on the sign, Bar Street. She then realized that this was the famous Blue Road. Blue Road was famous for "Bar Street" in Hamelin. It was a place where handsome men and beautiful women of Hamelin gathered. Although there was a word "street" in the name, the Blue Road was only a narrow alley that even a car could not pass through. High and low

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