Chapter 85

"It's so beautiful. I don't want to disturb you." The smile on Xian's face deepened and the meaning in his words deepened. Sage looked at him coldly, "what are you doing here?" His tone was very unfriendly. As if he didn't feel anything, Xian took off his shoes and stepped in only wearing socks. "Of course I'm here for dinner." He sat down at the table and said as if he was right. "Didn't Anna cook for you?" Sage squinted. "Anna just cooked two dishes. How can compare to your prawns and crabs?" Holding his chin with one hand, Xian smiled innocently. "But I came here mainly to see the beautiful girlfriend of Mr. Wilson that Anna mentioned -" He stressed the word "girlfriend" and prolonged the ending. The banter in his eyes made Sally blush. "Anna, you misunderstood me." She said. "It's not a misunderstanding, is it? Aren't you Mr. Wilson's girlfriend?" Xian held a sincere face. When Sally was about to retort, he added, "your contract is not a waste." ... oh. Sally shut her m

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