Chapter 84

Sally came to her senses. "Nothing." She forced a smile. Sage was confused. "Come in." He took off his coat and threw it on the sofa. "Have a seat." Sally crossed her legs and sat in a corner of the sofa. Sage went into the kitchen. The kitchen in his house was open. Sally clearly saw him open the door of the fridge's refrigerator and move inside for a while. When he came back, he was holding a plastic bag with ice cubes in it. "Apply it on your face." He lifted the plastic bag and pressed the ice cubes at the bottom against Sally's swollen face. The sudden coldness made Sally shiver and her neck shrank back subconsciously. But soon, she took the plastic bag and touched her face from time to time. Sage sat down next to her and stared at her. "How?" He asked knowingly. Sally lowered her eyes. "I met a tough client." After saying that, she chuckled, "I should have listened to you. I should have rested a few more days before going back to work." Sage pressed her lips and l

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