Chapter 23

  "Pay it,", Suzy said.   Jake showed an embarrassed expression, and when he looked at Sally, a vicious look flashed in his eyes.   "I thought my sister-in-law had already paid for the room, so I didn't bring much money with me. However, she didn't pay, and I didn't have enough money here."   Suzy frowned and said in disgust, "Jake, why did you have to embarrass me like this?! I'm going to lose my good image when I come out with you!"   With a calm face, she took out a credit card from her Chanel wallet and handed it to the front desk.   "Here. Swipe my card."   The front desk was not in a hurry to pick up, but instead looked at Sally. After she nodded, she told Suzy the room rate.   She gave Suzy the room card along with the credit card, and smiled and said, "The room number of the two is 2510 and the room is on the 25th floor. Someone will guide you when you go up. You can call the front desk at any time if you need it. "   Suz

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