Chapter 22

  Jake immediately became impatient, "It must be something to do with you! That's why I asked you to come."   Sally pursed her lips, and muttered in her heart, "This is a guest and must be endured."   "Okay, wait a moment, I'll go down right away."   She hurried to the front desk.   There were four or five guests waiting to check-in at the front desk, arranged in three rows, and one of them stood alone-a tall and thin young boy.   Sally took a closer look, who was it if it wasn't Jake?   He was leaning against the counter, playing with his mobile phone with his head down.   The little girl at the front desk opposite him bit her lip with an embarrassed and helpless expression on her face.   "Jake." Sally patted Jake on the shoulder and forced a smile.   Jake looked up with an ugly expression on his face and complained, "What took you so long?!"   Sally suppressed the displeasure in her heart and asked, "What happened?

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