Mafia's Badass GirlMafia's Badass Girl
By: NovelRead

Chapter 7 Playing with the Fire

Chapter 7 Playing with the Fire Chloe is lying on the bed in one of the lavish room of Andrew's mansion. The doctor is doing her dressing and she's still unconscious. Andrew is sitting at the bar counter of his mansion and drinking the glass of scotch, wondering about the foreign feelings, staring straight unblinkingly. He's not understanding what is happening to him. Why his eyes became wet when he saw her in pain? He is annoyed that he is developing feelings for someone because he likes to be heartless, he doesn't want to care about anybody. He doesn't want to change. He's afraid to change. "Boss." Mike's voice startled him. "What?" "Doctor said she will gain her conscious back within few hours," Mike informed him and he just stared at him blankly. Mike added, "you don't worry about her, she's fine." "What? Why I'll be worried about her. It doesn't matter to me that she's fine or not." He freaked out

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