Mafia's Badass GirlMafia's Badass Girl
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Chapter 6 Tortured and Rescued

Chapter 6 Tortured and Rescued Chloe is in a dark room, bound to the chair, yelling and struggling to open the ropes. She has no clue who has kidnapped her and why. She has no enemy. The men who brought her here, they are standing like a deaf person, paying no heeds to her. As a strong man in a grey suit stepped into the room, all men bowed their head down. He grinned at Chloe evilly. She glared at him and shrieked, "open me, you bastard." "You're close to Andrew, if you provide all the information about him to me, I'll free you." He said, striding to her. "I'm not close to him, I met him last week only. He thought I'm spying on him. He is also doubting me. He's hot, therefore I'm after him. But I wish I was close to him." She told him the truth and at last, pouted disappointedly. "This photo is clearly telling that you both are close to each other." He showed her the photo on his phone which his informer had captured. Her eyes sparkled as she saw their photo, they are so close to each other in the photo. Her smile faded into a frown as he kept back his phone into his pocket. "Now you're telling the truth or not?" Suddenly he yanked her hair harshly and pulled her head back, she yelled in pain. "I'm telling the truth, you bastard." She barked at him, her eyes burning with anger. He slapped her hard. "You will not answer like this." She's staring at him in fury. He asked one of his men to bring the torture equipment. His man brought the trolley from the corner of the room. Knives, needles, hammer and many more things are kept in the trolley. "If you don't want to scream in pain, give us only his one information? When he is going to deliver his next consignment?" When he asked her, she stayed silent and averted her eyes. He picked up the knife and cut her arm. Suddenly she freaked out, recalling some flashes of her dreadful past. "Open me, you fucking bastard." She thundered at them with outrage and they became shocked to see her extreme anger. "Give us information, we will open you." "I don't know." She yelled at him. "We know that you know." He cut her area below the neck. She pursed her lips and squeezed her eyes shut to bear the pain. They tortured her by grasping her hair and dipping her face in the ice-cold water again and again, but Chloe isn't telling them anything. She had heard the delivery date of his next consignment when the first time she saw him, but still, she is bearing all pain for him and she also doesn't know why, she's numb. "You son of bitch, stop torturing me, I'm not close to Andrew." She spat on him and rose his anger. He grasped the knife and attacked her. Before he could stab the knife in her chest in anger, Andrew stepped into the room with his men. He rushed to them while his men handled his men. He grasped the sharp knife, glaring at him in fury, blood is dripping down his hand and his eyes are spitting fire. Chloe is looking at him with a small smile on her face and her eyes are twinkling with glee. Her heart filled with joy when he made an entry like a hero. She's extremely delighted. She can't describe her feelings in words. In the end, all the torture were worth it. He directly stabbed the knife into his heart. He moved his eyes to Chloe and his heart ached as he saw her in the worst state. For the first time, he felt hurt after seeing someone in pain, before he was the one who gave pain heartlessly and tortured others brutally. But her condition wrung his heart and made his eyes wet. The Ruthless Mafia isn't understanding what is happening to him. He is utterly baffled by this strong foreign feeling. "I knew that you would come." She murmured and smiled at him fondly. He ignored her and started opening the ropes. "You know I had heard the delivery date of your next consignment at the bar last week but I didn't tell them. Now, believe me, I'm not spying on you." As she told him, he stared at her in utter disbelief. She became unconscious suddenly and her head fell over his chest. He became shocked for a few seconds. "Boss, we have to leave now." Mike's voice startled him. He instantly scooped her into his arms, becoming anxious for her. Mike noticed the change in his boss. The way he's gazing at her and the look on his face is vividly telling to Mike that his boss has feelings for Chloe. He scurried out of the room, carrying the unconscious Chloe in his strong and protective arms. Mike and his men followed him. "Mike, call our doctor immediately." He ordered Mike before sitting in the car, holding her. "Okay, Boss." Mike nodded and when Andrew settled inside with Chloe, he closed the door of the car. He settled down on the front seat with the driver, placing the phone on his ear after calling the doctor. Andrew is sitting behind, placing Chloe's head on his lap and gazing at her, apprehensive. He's distraught for her but he's not understanding why he's extremely anxious for her. He wants to see her complete fine like before. She suffered because of him today and it's killing him from inside. He has never felt like this for anybody before. All this is new for him and it is frustrating him. The sudden changes which are happening inside him are whirling his mind and driving him crazy. It's just the beginning of the transformation of the Mafia Boss.

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