Mafia's Badass GirlMafia's Badass Girl
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Chapter 32 Hot Massage Session

Chapter 32 Hot Massage Session "Hello, guys, I'm at such a beautiful place, do you want to know where I'm?" She said excitedly on the phone's front camera, standing on the lavish yacht. Andrew is talking on the phone, leaning against the railing. She switched from front to back camera to record the view in the video. "Yes, I'm at the yacht. It's so huge and beautiful." She said after again turning on the front camera. Andrew disconnected the call and walked to her, smiling. She beamed at Andrew and said after looking back at the camera, "do you want to know, who took me here?" "I'm here with my Mr Handsome." She said after turning on the back camera to show Andrew. She frowned as he suddenly snatched the phone from her hand harshly, shouting at her in anger. "What the hell are doing?" "Why are you shouting? I was just recording the video for my viewers." She rebuked him. He composed himsel

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