Mafia's Badass GirlMafia's Badass Girl
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Chapter 31 A Surprise

Chapter 31 A Surprise They are sitting in the chopper and Chloe is seeing the outside view, her eyes are sparkling. "Sir, we're going to reach." The pilot informed Andrew. He smiled and took out a piece of black cloth. She narrowed her brows confusedly as she looked at it. "Sunshine, I'm going to blindfold you before we reach." As he told her, she instantly asked, "why?" "Because It's a surprise and I want to increase your excitement." He said and smiled at her tucking her hair strands behind her ears which are fluttering in the breeze. Her eyes glinted with anticipation. "Wow! I'm just speechless because nobody did this for me before. For the first time, I'm going to get a surprise. I'm excited and feeling so special. Thank you." She hugged him, smiling contentedly. He embraced her in his warm arms, he has also a beatific smile on his face. They broke the hug, beaming at ea

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