Love Over HateLove Over Hate
By: NovelRead

Chapter 28

  Her blank eyes suddenly turned mad. She pulled her hair hard while blaming herself.   "It's my fault that I lost him..."   Glen felt a great pain. He remembered the child between them who had not yet been born.   It turns out that she has been blaming herself for so long. No wonder she doesn't want to live anymore. She wants to stay with the child who has never made it to life.   He suddenly had the urge to cry and couldn't help but stepped forward to hold the thin woman in his arms with teary eyes to comfort her.   "Hey, it's not your fault. Lea, we will still have one day. You must get better, okay? Don't leave me. Don't leave me..."   Lea suddenly became silent and closed her eyes. Glen's heart beat fast and his hands were shaking while touching her face.   It's okay, okay, just sleep...   What should I do so that you can get better?   The man's tears of regret and pain wet the woman's thin medical clothes and in the s

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