Love Over HateLove Over Hate
By: NovelRead

Chapter 27

  Her exclamation made his stern eyes suddenly narrowed. He glanced at the man who fell on the ground while covering the corner of his mouth, snorted coldly, and left.   Harry!   It doesn't matter. Our issue will be settled eventually in the future.   "Let me go! let me go..."   Lea kept struggling, but it could also be because of the recent decline in physical ability. She felt dizzy after that incident.   Glen looked at the woman's ugly expression and was shocked: "Lea... Lea."   Lea lay in the intensive care unit with a pale face like a piece of paper. Although she was awake, she did not move. A pair of hollow eyes stared at the white roof of the hospital blankly.   "What's going on with her?"   The corners of Harry's mouth were still blue, and when he turned his head, he found that the fingers of the cold and ruthless man were trembling slightly.   The way he was now made Harry's ridicule. He originally wanted to say a

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